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Crafty Meditation: Mind, Body, Craft

Kate Brandy



It’s official the once scrapbooking rooms, knitting circles, loom rooms, sticker crazy people out there that would hide away in their little crafty worlds are making a brake for it! The area of social media like Instagram/facebook/twitter, maker movement, and e-shops like etsy and shopify are all culminating into the perfect storm. In my eyes, it has become an absolutely beautiful dance between the new age tech world entertainment and “edutainment” juxtaposed to the old world bespoke craftsmanship charm. This movement is a rejection of the booming historical Industrial revolution and  the later larger scale foreign manufacturing that transformed American economic markets to what it is today. But is it also a rejection of the cookie cutter, copy-paste products that we grew to know so well. Even at a young age we had been conditioned to see the little imperfections of our toys, books, and don’t get me started on the produce aisle. It was the idea that if the product wasn’t the exact replica of another it was in someway not as good or not as useful. But the makers and crafters are here to say, EMBRACE THOSE IMPERFECTIONS! See them as the a mark of quality that someone took the time to design, and create each square inch of that fine thing! And the it may be an absolute one of a kind! That is more special than any perfect product that may cost less but does not speak as good of a story.


Here are the 5 reasons why you should get in on this!


1.         Because we are not perfect. And to that imperfect point- our minds will grow, feel better through the absolute secret sauce to any crafted product or project. PROCESS.

It is with process that we see the true creativity, the mental gymnastics, and the “national treasure”-like uncovering of what is to be the final product.

2.         It’s therapy: To me there is no better therapy or meditation than when I’m working with my hands. I get a true thrill out of sketching ideas, playing with material, talking to others about it, then starting to create mini prototypes that turn into full scale prototypes combined with a little alchemy and you have yourself an artefact.

3.         We learn we can create our path- life lesson (idk): Iterations for a maker is what I imagine that of a witches potions, they always seem to be laughing so much more during the “cauldron bubbles” part- am I right?

I digress.

4.         Fix your travel Boredom: On trips or don’t know how to entertain the kids? And the ipad died. Well good old yarn has no batteries required! Seriously I can't stress enough if you are new to crafting or have been looking for an outlet to express yourself after work or with your kids, try to make something.

5.         Build confidence and build a community: Start small and work your way up. It will take you away from your stress and bring into this whole new world. Doors will open and conversations you never thought you would have will happen and that’s gold in life. Especially in this day and age.


Want to get started? Check out how to weave (its all the rage now!) and easy to learn.

I have developed an innovative way to weave not just regular rectangles but ANIMALS!! It’s so cool and you can see the progress right before your eyes in cute elephant, sheep, and rabbit forms oh my!

Head on over to etsy animalooom.esty/shop to start your craft story today.


Love Kate Brandy

Founder of animaloom